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2.5 hrs of exercise week may slow done the progression of Parkinson’ Disease. Exercise not only reduces stress but it also enhances a positive healthy attitude to life.


Exercise really is medication. Besides the natural benefits of keeping fit and staying flexible, exercise helps improve balance and coordination.

Exercise helps you get lost in the moment and is one of the few times when you forget that you have Parkinson’s, which is a wonderful feeling..


We are raising money for the Cure Parkinson’s Trust which funds research to slow, stop and cure Parkinson’s.

Presently the medication just masks the symptoms.


If you have Parkinson’s and would like to be part of the team then please get in touch.

If you know someone with Parkinson’s and would like to support us then please get in touch!.


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  • “Annapurna Recruitment are an innovative and multi-award winning recruitment agency based in London and Munich, operating in the UK, DACH region and Nordic countries - in particular Sweden and Denmark.”

    Charlie Appleyard Annapurna Recruitment

    “DBA Sport CIC is a Community Interest Company, based in Cheshire. DBA Sport helps Clubs, Charities and Not-For-Profit Organisations, generate revenue through the creation of sustainable income.”

    Matt Dimbylow DBA Sport CIC

    S-cubed is a European company offering flexible service solutions to the pharmaceutical industry: ranging from consultancy, in house support, to full-service CRO capabilities. 

  • “MedEngine want to open the the door to a new era of patient-centric care for those challenged by Parkinson's Disease, enabling patients to live better with Parkinson's.”

    Christian Mellor MedEngine

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